First Star I See Tonight

By: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This book was a lot of fun. I have favorite authors in the romance genre, so it’s pretty hard for me to let go and take a chance on a new author. All I can say is that Susan Elizabeth Phillips must be a fire cracker in real life, because this book had a certain zing to it.

Now, before I get into the book, I want to say I checked some online reviews on Amazon. I’m always curious to see what other readers think of a book, especially if I enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, some long time Susan Elizabeth Phillips or SEP fans were not pleased with this book. They felt it was one of the weaker entries in her catalog.

Really? All I can think is that her good stuff must be phenomenal because this book, in my opinion, was pretty great.

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Nantucket Sisters

Author: Nancy Thayer

Novell by Nancy Thayer Nantucket SistersEvery so often I go on the hunt for a new author. I’m looking for an author who can provide me a good light read but also offer some depth of character.

Unfortunately, I can never remember the dozens of authors or titles recommended to me when crunch time hits. (I know, I really should write them down.)

Recently, I picked up “Nantucket Sisters” by Nancy Thayer. It was a random pick off the book shelf at my library. (which I love doing by the way) I’m always hopeful when I see a catalog of titles by an author because it means if I really enjoy this one, I will have more to choose from. So, how did I do?

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