Hello, I’m Karen Cades. I’m not sure what brought you here, but if you’re a writer like me then we share the same dream. And I get that.

Yes, I’m a wife, a mother, a cheerleader (my term for encouraging others), a friend, and an emergency aid provider, because when you have kids there is always some cut to bandage, temperature to take, nose to blow, medicine to administer or visit to the doctor’s to arrange. Whew!!

But deep down, way deep down, I’m a writer. I love stories. I’m a good listener and at the same time I’m baffled by people. Why on earth did he/she do that? What were they thinking? Which I think makes me a better writer because I want to understand people and what motivates them.

But, I also love to read. Maybe you love to read, too. Maybe you just stopped by because something I wrote interested you. And that’s awesome, because that’s my way of connecting with people. Social media is nice but it’s a cacophony of imagery, words, and sound cues like “lol” and “hee hee”.  My brain just can’t handle it all sometimes. (Uh..could you pass me that tea and that book over there…thanks…I’m just gonna curl up now.)

Since I enjoy reading I’ll be posting book reviews. There will be spoilers, be forewarned, and I love trying to figure out how the author managed to tell such a good story. And if the story doesn’t work for me, try to figure that out too.

I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here and I hope you visit often.


Karen Cades