I entered a short story writing contest. I’m stoked!

I am pleased to announce that I entered a short story contest, and it was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Why, you ask? Because it forced me to complete an entire story, edit it, and meet a deadline. Did I mention I only had eight days?

Some of you may be familiar with NYCMidnight and their writing contests. I’d learned about it from a friend. She’s entered their contests in the past. The unique part about it was  NYCMidnight assigns you your genre, subject, and character details. So there was no “Hey, I have this old story I could use,” shenanigans.

In this contest, there are three rounds.  Here are the specifics.

Round 1    2500words max    8 days   Jan 26th through  Feb 3rd 2018

Round2     2000 words max   3 days   March 29th through April 1st 2018

Round 3     1500 words max   24hours  May 11-12  2018

Yes, you can be under on the word count.

The only bummer is waiting for the results. I’m not sure when they notify you that you get to continue. A week before? A couple of days?   However the contest is open internationally and the entrant’s list is huge, so I guess I can understand why it takes so long to judge.

Every writer also gets some feedback from the judges. Love it!

Even though this was an unexpected writing endeavor on my part, I feel it still falls under my 2018 goals. I’m writing, and I finished something. (I know I’m supposed to be completing my old stuff.)

I want to thank all my writing friends who took time from their busy schedules to offer suggestions and proofread my work, especially because I suck at grammar. (Gon’na have to bone up.)

I’ll keep you updated on the results. Wish me luck!


One thought on “I entered a short story writing contest. I’m stoked!

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