Some poetry on chronic pain

I have some chronic pain issues. I won’t go into detail accept to say it sucks. I wrote this poetry at four in the morning unable to sleep and feeling like I’m dying. I’m not saying it’s any good. I’m just expressing my feelings any way they come to me.

Death and Pain

Death is a stalker
Pain is his might
Elusive as an echo
Rippling darkly within light.

Pain is My Partner

Dancing with desperation
Tangoing with time
Pain is my partner
Escorting me through life

Waltzing round the ballroom
Swaying to and fro
Around the physicians circle
In lockstep we go

Practiced at evasion
Whispering from behind
Leading me in circles
Distracting me with lies

Cutting in on precious moments
Poised for the strike
Bleeding me of forward motion
Stealing the spotlight

Weakened by his expectations
Begging to be let go
Dragging me through every measure
Keeping up the show

Embracing all he’s taken
Releasing his grip
Wary of this restful moment
Knowing it’s short-lived.



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