It’s too cold…Brrrrrr!

Its way too cold outside, so I stayed in and did a puzzle. You’re thinking with all the writing you have to do, how could you take time to do a puzzle? Crazy, right?

But there’s something really relaxing about doing a puzzle.  Maybe it’s because it draws your focus so completely. It’s simple (shape and color) and it forces you too look at the pieces in a different way every time you handle them and that’s a great exercise for the brain.  And I’m down for anything that boosts my creative brain power.   Because anything that boosts my creative side benefits my writing. But the best part is when you finish. There’s nothing more satisfying than clicking that last piece into place. Ahhhh. And that’s how writing feels when you finish that scene or transition or even that next page. Although, with writing it’s just a little harder to get there and not get frustrated along the way. I swear the stories in my mind like to hoard some of the pieces. Lol!

What about you? What do you do for a fun creative brain boost?

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