Debut Novel “The Sisters’ Song” by Louise Allan

This is Louise’s first published book and I’m sure it won’t be her last. I was fortunate to meet Louise through online classes a few years ago. You can immediately sense what a sincere and kind person she is just by reading her blog posts and by the thoughtful responses she gives to those who take the time to comment on them.

In her blog she reveals pieces of her life and amid the memories she shares lay the seeds of this story.

Louise resides in Australia, so her novel is available at  Unfortunately, “The Sisters’ Song” is unavailable for download here in the US. (As soon as it is available in the US, I will let you know.  Book review to follow.)

Consider this post a teaser. I’ve included a few links for you. Please take a moment to visit and explore her website

You can find an excerpt from her book here.

Below is the book’s blurb. I hope you enjoy it and will give Louise the opportunity to gain you as a reader.

As children, Ida loves looking after her younger sister, Nora, but when their beloved father dies in 1926, everything changes. The two young girls move in with their grandmother who is particularly encouraging of Nora’s musical talent. Nora eventually follows her dream of a brilliant musical career, while Ida takes a job as a nanny and their lives become quite separate.

The two sisters are reunited when Nora’s life takes an unwelcome direction and she finds herself, embittered and resentful, isolated in the Tasmanian bush with a husband and children.

Ida longs passionately for a family and when she marries Len, a reliable and good man, she hopes to soon become a mother. Over time, it becomes clear that this is never likely to happen. In Ida’s eyes, it seems that Nora possesses everything in life that could possibly matter yet she values none of it.

Set in rural Tasmania over a span of seventy years, the strengths and flaws of motherhood are revealed through the mercurial relationship of these two very different sisters. The Sisters’ Song speaks of dreams, children and family, all entwined with a musical thread that binds them together.

One thought on “Debut Novel “The Sisters’ Song” by Louise Allan

  1. I just spotted this post, Karen! Thank you so much for sharing. My publisher has assured me that the book is available on, but it seems not. I’ll try to find out more … Thanks, again. 🙂


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