Uh Ohh…we are going to have to revisit Susan Elizabeth Phillips

So what happened? What happened was I have read some SEP novels before and uh… I didn’t care for them. I know, I know, I gave such glowing reviews to “First Star I See Tonight” and I genuinely liked it.  Here’s the problem. I went to the library to get some more books and as I was perusing the SEP selection I stumbled across two I had already read (or tried to read). I had a heck of time getting through them.

“Ain’t She Sweet?” I really struggled with. It could have been my mood. Maybe I wasn’t really into reading that day. You know how it is when you’re crabby and stuff and you grab a book to relax and escape. I remember thinking the girl in the book was just too unbelievable for me. (you know when you silently shake your head to yourself and gently roll your eyes, yeah that was me.)

Even though I didn’t like “Ain’t She Sweet?” I grabbed another book by SEP because as a reader that’s what I do. Just because one book doesn’t appeal to me doesn’t mean another one won’t.

“Natural Born Charmer” is part of the football series. Again, I’m surprised because I enjoyed the other book so much. Now, knowing what I know about Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ style, humor, and wit I will revisit this story. (I appear to be open and receptive to fiesty, romantic humor lately.)

So I guess the lesson here is never count an author out. Perhaps I will only enjoy some of her books. And that’s okay. Some is good. Books are good.

Life is good. 🙂

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